My name is Mark and this site is for all those people like me, who love to collect F1 model cars. As you will see from the site I now have several hundred models. Must be mad but if you are a collector you will know what it is like. I now only collect 1/18 scale models as these give the best detail. I do not collect Mattel models as quite frankly they are junk (This of course is my personal opinion) , they are not true to scale colour or anything else for that matter, they are just children's toys. I used to collect Minichamps and Exoto models with the occasional Onyx as they turned up. Now I only CMC which I think are the best models in the world. CMC models just keep getting better they are now I think some of the best made.

The early pictures were taken on a Fuji 4900 and a Fuji S7000 then an s100fs and now a Cannon EOS50D Digital camera  which gives a very good image which I have reduced in size and resolution for the web pictures but feel they are still of good quality. Please feel free to save any images you wish as the site is there for fellow collectors who want pictures of their models or just want to see what certain models look like.

I would also like to thank my dear wife Gail for putting up with hundreds of model cars in cabinets around  my office.

                                             This is a picture of me                                                                  My dear wife Gail                        



If there are any pictures on the site that you would like in higher resolution please email me at the provided link and I will send them on to you. Enjoy your time on my site and please call again as it is always being updated. E-mail me your thoughts